Monday, July 4, 2016

西游记 - 伦敦游 之 介绍篇

Trip to the West - London Part 1_Introduction 

There is been 2 years I'm not travel to other countries except Singapore to attend a wedding dinner. This trip was like a sweet treat for me after suffered for a whole year. Although the purpose for this trip is main for learning and training, but I think it's good enough for me as a part timer in MPOB.

Although the process to get this chance is not as easy as I think (because I'm applied sponsorship for my flight ticket and transport) and many problems had pop-up even on the last day before we depart, however, we FINALLY make it.

LONDON - a city that full of .... ANGMO, museums, historical buildings, arts, flowers and....tourists? Hahaha. Now is a summer season but the weather only 13 to 15 degree celcious...(should it called as summer?) Can't imagine on their Winter time. I think this summer weather is just suit me, not too hot when have some outdoor activities. 

We stayed in an apartment located at Hammersmith, a little bit distance from city centre but no worry about the transportation as long as there is an underground station near to your place...It's really convenience (but quite costly). Same as Touch n Go in Malaysia, Oyster card is for London's transportation. In the same day, you have no need to pay the transportation fee when you took the forth trip and above for underground and train. So, it's the best choice for a budget tourist like me when want to travel a lots of places in a day. 

Since I said we're busy solving problems before the trip, so there is NO itinerary for this trip. Everyday, we're just RANDOMLY choose few destinations, check the map and GO! Fortunately, we have google map and underground map, both are our good tour guides... and here is my itinerary for 2 weeks.

Day 1 (4/6, Saturday)
Depart from KLIA >...after 13 hours...> Heathrow airport > Check in at Hammersmith grove (apartment)

Day 2 (5/6, Sunday)
Kensington Palace & Garden > Hyde Park > Natural History Museum > Convent Garden (柯芬园)

Day 3 (6/6, Monday)
Hammersmith hospital (visit to Imperial Clinical Research Facility) > Regents Park (摄政公园)

Day 4 (7/6, Tuesday)
Hammersmith hospital (visit to Imperial Clinical Research Facility) > Depart to Paris

Day 5 (8/6, Wednesday)
Eiffel tower (埃菲尔铁塔)> Arc de triomphe de I'Etoile (凯旋门) > The Avenue des Champs Elysees (Shopping street) > Musee du Louvre (罗浮宫)

Day 6 (9/6, Thursday)
Palace of Versailles > walk along Boulevard Haussmann (shopping street) > Starbucks Capucines (最美星巴克之一)

Day 7 (10/6, Friday)
Back to London (took almost a day to reach)

Day 8 (11/6, Saturday)
Stay in apartment (half day) > Forgot where I went for another half day

Day 9 (12/6, Sunday)
Check out from London > Depart to Cambridge > Cam River (Punting) > walk around Cambridge City

Day 10 (13/6, Monday)
Lunch meeting with Prof from University of Cambridge > John Lewis (Shopping Mall)

Day 11 (14/6, Tuesday)
Check out from Cambridge > Back to Hammersmith, London > Primark, Kings Mall (Shopping mall)

Day 12 (15/6, Wednesday)
Kew Garden (邱园)

Day 13 (16/6, Thursday)
King's College (visit to their clinical facility) > River Thames (泰晤士河畔) > Millennium Bridge (千禧桥) > St Paul's Cathedral (圣保罗教堂) > Tower Bridge (伦敦塔桥) > Westminster Big Ben's (大笨钟) > London's Eye (伦敦眼) > Trafalgar Square (特拉法加广场) > Lillywhites (Sport shop)

Day 14 (17/6, Friday)
Buckingham Palace, changing of the guards (白金汉宫) > Camden Town > Borough Market > National Portrait Gallery > Oxford street (Shopping street)

Day 15 (18/6, Saturday)
Breakfast with Voon's friend > Took water taxi to Greenwich > Greenwich Park (Took photo with Mediterranean Line) > The Rose Garden 

Day 16 (19/6, Sunday)
Check out from Hammersmith > Heathrow Airport 

Day 17 (20/6, Monday)
Reach Malaysia, KLIA

So, what do you think about my itinerary? Training only took around 4 days in the whole trip. It's sounds great but not when you have to write a report for that...Hahaha. Some might think I've missed many places which can be visited within 2 weeks time. However, I want it to be a free and easy trip without rush here and there. And, I think I can leave other places for my next trip to London, Yeah! 

After read so long...then you will ask: why no photos? hehe. This is because all the photos still in my friend's laptop and I have no time to get it yet. lols... 

Now just an introduction, more posts (with photos) will come one by patient ya.

To Be Continued...

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